Memoirs of Museum Victoria

SSN 1447–2554 (Online) and ISSN 1447–2546 (Print)
Frequency: 1 volume annually

Museum Victoria undertakes research in order to contribute to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the origins, diversity and development of Australia's natural, cultural and scientific heritage and applies this knowledge for the benefit of society. The museum publishes its scientific journal Memoirs of Museum Victoria (until 1983 Memoirs of the National Museum of Victoria) to further these objectives.

Memoirs publishes papers on original research in the natural sciences pertinent to Victoria and/or the museum's collections. Independent referees assess all contributions prior to publication. Richard Marchant is the scientific editor and inquiries can be made to

From Volume 58 (2000) Memoirs is available in electronic format as well as in printed form. Electronic publication via the Museum Victoria website enables inclusion of supplementary information (such as extended data sets) not available in the printed version. Access to the electronic version of the journal is available free of charge and individual papers may be downloaded as PDF files from this website.

Volumes 1 to 57 of the Memoirs are available from the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Individual papers can be downloaded from this site as PDF files.

Memiors of Museum Victoria