Open for (more than) Business

Past Event: 21 August 2011 to 27 May 2012

Vittorio's Barbershop
Vittorio's Barbershop
Photo: Shweta Kishore & Erminia Colucci

An exhibition about the role local businesses play in migrant communities in Melbourne.

Many local businesses run by people from migrant communities offer more than just a service. They can act as community hubs and provide links to a homeland while also helping recently arrived migrants establish a connection with their new home. Featuring photographs, stories and a documentary, Open for (more than) Business explores the unique role that local businesses play in Melbourne’s migrant communities, from an Indian grocery store in Clayton to an Italian barbershop in Brunswick.

Supported by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.

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Pallavi 11 September, 2011 10:04
Hi, the video clip on this page does not play. I woul dlike to see the video for this exhibition. thank you
cathy 23 September, 2011 11:05
I love to visit the immigration museum. I will see the show from Egypt. How much is $$$. Can I afford it?
Discovery Centre 25 September, 2011 11:31

Hi Cathy, thank you for the feedback!  Details about visiting and ticket prices can be found here.

joe 6 October, 2011 00:18
where are these businesses? you list them on the site and in the exhibition but you don't bother to give an address for any of them. I would like to go to some of these places but you don't mention where exactly they are? Could you be a little more specific???????
Erminia 27 June, 2013 23:33
Hi Joe, the names of the shops were provided in the text next to their photos. The bookshop, barber shop and Afghan restaurant are all in Sydney road, this latter specifically at The African restaurant is in Footscray and we had the photo of the entry (with the name) in display but in case you missed it is called LALUMBA RESTAURANT 3/309 Thomas Street, Dandenong. I strongly recommend to try them, for the great food and atmosphere!
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