Our Living Climate

This education kit supports Years 5-10 excursions to the Our Living Climate show at Melbourne Planetarium. The materials and show provide the basis for units of work on climate change, weather and environmental studies. Students who are interested in climate change over time and climates on other planets of the Solar System will find much to interest them.

The education kit consists of teacher resources and information about the planetarium show, together with activities focussed on climate change for students to do at school or at home.

Victorian Curriculum links include Science, Mathematics, Thinking skills, Interpersonal Development and Personal Learning.

Resource File Format
and Size
Year Level
Teacher notes Pdf, 176kb 5-10
Activity 1: Climate timeline
Video: Permian extinction
Video: Ice cores
Video: Recent climate change
Pdf, 70kb
Flv + transcript
Flv + transcript
Flv + transcript
Activity 2: Rainfall, weather & climate Pdf, 79kb 5-10
Activity 3: Make your own greenhouse Pdf, 68kb 5-10
Activity 4: Seasons on other planets Pdf, 56kb 5-10
Activity 5: Life on Mars versus life on Earth Pdf, 53kb 5-10
Activity 6: Wish you were here Pdf, 80kb 5-10

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