Rise and Set Times

Use the calendar on the right to obtain the visibility of the Sun, Moon and five bright planets as seen from Melbourne.

from 15/11/2012 to 21/11/2012
Civil Twilight
Date Rise Rise
Set Set
Times given are local time for Melbourne on the given day in 24hr format
Note on Terms -
Melbourne Location:- Latitude: 37◦50’ South; Longitude: 145◦ East
* Times are AEDT
AEST :- Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10:00)
AEDT :- Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+11:00)
Rise and Set Angles :- Given as an azimuth angle, which is measured from north (ie. 0◦ = North; 90◦ = East; 180◦ = South; 270◦ = West).
Transit :- The time when an object crosses the meridian, an imaginary line in the sky running directly overhead from north to south. In Melbourne, the object will be directly north and at its highest in the sky. The transit of the Sun is local solar noon.
Transit Angle :- The object's elevation (or altitude) above the northern horizon.
Civil Twilight :- The time before sunrise and after sunset when there is still some useable light. Calculated when the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon.