Sky Maps for south-eastern Australia

The stars we can see above us at night change as our planet is constantly moving. As the Earth rotates on its axis during the night, stars seem to move slowly across the sky—rising in the east and setting in the west, like the Sun during the day. During the year as the Earth orbits around the Sun, the seasons change and different stars are visible in the night sky.

The monthly Sky Maps below provide a guide to the location of stars and constellations you may see in the evening sky at around 8pm from south-eastern Australia. Note, this is 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time for April to September, and 8pm Australian Eastern Summer Time ('Daylight Saving') from the first Sunday in October to the first Sunday in April.

January Sky Map 288kb
February Sky Map 292kb
March Sky Map 296kb
April Sky Map 291kb
May Sky Map 292kb
June Sky Map 290kb
July Sky Map 282kb
August Sky Map 291kb
September Sky Map 286kb
October Sky Map 285kb
November Sky Map 286kb
December Sky Map 262kb