Phase 2 - Water Harvesting

Digging for water tanks
June 2010: Heavy machinery on site to dig the hole to accommodate the water storage tank.
Image: Anne Diplock
Source: Museum Victoria

Phase 2 - Water Harvesting

Completed June 2010

In this second phase of the project, an underground tank was installed to store rainwater captured from the extensive roof of the Royal Exhibition Building, and from surrounding paved areas.

The completed tank is 23m x 23m wide and 2.6m high. It has a storage capactiy of 1.35 million litres. This water provides a reliable source for the fountains, lakes, and irrigation of the garden beds and trees, in accordance with Museum Victoria's commitment to sustainable management practices.


Year 11 work experience students Stuart Biggar (Cheltenham Secondary College) and Adrian Sortino (Galvin Park Secondary College) worked with Joseph Austin-Crowe and his company Advanced 3D Modelling to produce an animation to explain how the water harvesting works.