Royal Exhibition Building Tours

Until 31 Jan 2017

The magnificent interior of the Royal Exhibition Building.
Source: Museum Victoria

Discover the history and beauty of this magnificently restored building.

Tours are held most days at 2pm, subject to availability. Tours may not run when the building is in use for certain events and exhibitions. Please call 13 11 02 to confirm.

Built in 1879 for Melbourne’s first International Exhibition, it was chosen as the venue for the opening of the first Commonwealth Parliament of Australia on 9 May 1901, and recently became Australia’s first World Heritage Listed building.

Experience the life, stories and affections of millions of people that have contributed to this national icon, Museum Victoria’s largest collection object.

The tour starts in the foyer at Melbourne Museum and run for 45-60 minutes.

Cost $10 Adults, $8 Concession and $7 Children/Museum Members.

What's On at the Royal Exhibition Building

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Peter 8 March, 2016 00:58
Hi, there will be a guided tour at 2 pm on 15th March 2016? Thanks for advance for your reply.
Sharon 11 March, 2016 12:59
Do you know the dates for the Victorian Hot Rod show held at this venue, for January next year please.
mvbookings 17 March, 2016 12:01

Hi Sharon,

An exact date is yet to be confirmed however should the event go ahead it will be in late January.

We keep our confirmed events updated here.

kaye 6 April, 2016 22:13
i want to have a visit on one day between 8 to 10 April but seems there is an event. Could I visit inside of this building without guided tour?
MVBookings 8 April, 2016 10:15

Hi Kaye,

The only way to access the inside of the exhibition is via a guided daily tour at 2pm (subject to availability) or by purchasing a ticket to the event that is being held in the exhibition. 

Lee 10 April, 2016 01:05
Hi I'm in from the US for a short time to present at Miegunyah lecture at Uni Melbourne. Will there be tours give at 2pm on Tuesday, April 26th??
Lee 10 April, 2016 01:10
Hi, I just wrote. One more question - will there be a tour on Sunday, May 1?
Judy Hardy 11 April, 2016 10:08
Will there be any tours of the exhibition building running this week before the Quilting exhibition starts on Thursday 14?
Mel 21 April, 2016 16:34
will the tour be held on saturday 23rd April even though there is an event running? :)
Marta 19 August, 2016 10:21
Hi, I'm a design student at university and am wondering if I am able to take short videos during the tour, as I need shots of the interior of the building for my project.
Museum Bookings 5 October, 2016 11:58

Hi Marta,

Yes you certainly may take short video's during your tour, good luck with your project!

Gregory Markham 3 September, 2016 11:06
HI Melbourne Museum, I will be visiting Melbourne next March ( 2017 ). We would like to join as guided tour of the Royal Exhibition Building. Where can i purchase tickets and do tours run at weekends or only on weekdays. Many thanks for your assistance Greg Markham
MVBookings 5 October, 2016 11:54

Hi Greg,

Tickets can be purchased onsite the Melbourne Museum ticket desk.  Because the running of tours are dependant on events and activities in the Building, it's highly recommended you call our Bookings office on 13 11 02 (7 days) to firstly find out if the tour will be running on the day of your visit and secondly you can also pre-book your tickets.

Johnny wong 15 October, 2016 21:51
Hello museum Please let me know if you have any events from 10th to 12th Dec 16 so that it is not opened for guided tour. Regards Johnny
Amelie C 18 October, 2016 01:49
Hi! I will be in Melbourne for a week from 5 Nov to 11 Nov 2016, would the daily tour be running during this period (as I saw that there will be university exams taking place in the same period)?
Li Yin 23 October, 2016 17:44
Hi would the daily tour (2pm) be running on 4 Nov? Could I make a pre-booking via email please?
Michael 10 November, 2016 21:38
Will there be a tour on Saturday 12 November 2016?
mvbookings 12 November, 2016 09:33
Hi Michael,
Sorry we are not able to run the Royal Exhibition Building tour today, Saturday 12th November 2016
Mandy 2 December, 2016 18:08
Will there be a tour on Thursday 08 Dec 2016?
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