River Woman

Past Event: 17 February 2012 to 24 June 2012

'River Dreaming' Aunty Barb Egan, 2011
'River Dreaming'
Source: Aunty Barb Egan, 2011

An exhibition by Aboriginal artist Aunty Barb Egan.

Explore exquisite artworks, including carefully crafted embossed line work, lino prints, acrylic painting and sketching, by Muthi Muthi Elder and artist Aunty Barb Egan.

This exhibition embodies Aunty Barb’s life and culture as she shares her journey and connection to the Murray River of North West Victoria and Lake Mungo, country that holds a deep place within her heart.

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Jason Von Roehl 7 April, 2012 19:08
Aunty Barb when I look at your art it shows me that real traditional feel, the kind of art that our ancestors engraved as their art, it looks great!
REZA MALEKI NIA 21 May, 2012 13:50
this is an exhabition by aborginal artist Bunty Barb Egan . talking about barb life and her culture as she shares he journy and connection to the murry river of north west victoria .
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