The Seasons

This education kit contains resources for Years 3-10 students focussing on the seasons. The study of the way in which the rotation of the Earth on its axis determines the seasons has curriculum links to the Science, Mathematics and Personal Learning domains of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.

The kit consists of information for teachers planning an excursion to the Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks, together with student activities to do at school or home. The information and activities complement the planetarium shows, but may also be used independently by teachers planning a classroom unit of work.

ResourceYear LevelPDF
Teacher notes 3-10 Teacher notes, 330kb
Student activities
Day and Night
A model of the Earth and the Moon 3-10 Day and night activities, 147kb
Day and night on Earth 5-8
Diurnal motion 3-8
Reasons for the seasons on Earth 3-8 Seasons activities, 364kb
A model showing the path of the Sun 5-8
Some days are really longer than others 5-8
The angle of light makes a difference 5-8
Seasons on other planets 7-10
People shadows 3-8 Shadows activities, 118kb
Using shadows to tell the time 3-8
Making an equatorial sundial 8-10 Making an equatorial sundial activity, 380kb
Making 2D models of constellations 3-8 Constellations activities, 185kb
Summer and winter constellations in a cup 3-8
Changing constellations 3-8
Make your own planisphere 5-10 Make your own planisphere activity, 536kb
Using the Southern Cross to find south 3-10 Southern Cross and Zodiac activities, 263kb
Using the Southern Cross to tell the time 5-8
Plotting the movement of the Southern Cross 3-10
Taking a look at astrology 7-8

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