The Solar System

This education kit contains resources for Years 5-10 students focussing on the planets of the Solar System. The study of the components of the Solar System has curriculum links to the Science knowledge and understanding and Science at work dimensions, and the Mathematics, Thinking Processes, Interpersonal Development and Personal Learning domains of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.

The kit includes information for teachers planning an excursion to the Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks, together with student activities to do at home or school. The information and activities complement the Planetarium shows, but may also be used independently by teachers planning a classroom unit of work.

Resource Year Level
Teacher Notes (pdf, 323kb) 5-10
Brainstorming and graphic organising 5-10
Order of the planets 5-8
Time traveller 5-8
Calculate your age on other planets 8-10
How high can you jump on other planets? 8-10
Seasons on other planets 8-10
Planets in a bottle 5-10
Microgravity demonstration 5-10
Calculating day length 5-10
Making a polar sundial 8-10
Using the Southern Cross to find south 5-10
Plotting the movement of the Southern Cross 5-10
A model of the Earth and Moon 6-10
Mapping features of our Moon 5-10
The rotating Moon 5-8
Modelling Moon phases 8-10

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