The Stars

This education kit contains resources for Years 7-12 students focussing on stars and other features of the Universe beyond the Solar System. The study of stars has curriculum links to the Science, Mathematics, Thinking Processes and Interpersonal Development domains of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. The kit is also highly relevant to senior students studying space science, astronomy or astrophysics.

The kit consists of Teacher notes and student activities. The Teacher notes provide information about visiting the planetarium, a glossary, solar system statistics, curriculum links and Internet resources. The twenty student activities cover a range of topics related to stars, and are designed to be done at home or at school. They complement a visit to the planetarium, but can also be used as ‘stand alone’ resources by teachers and students.

ResourceYear Level
Teacher notes (Pdf, 324kb) 7-12
Student activities 1-4 (Pdf, 576kb) 7-12
Student activities 5-10 (Pdf, 559kb) 7-12
Activity 5 worksheets (Pdf, 551kb) 7-12
Student activities 11-20 (Pdf, 718kb) 7-12
Sky maps 7-12

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