Toys Watch the Sky

This education kit contains resources for Years Prep-3 students focussing on day and night, the Moon, the Sun, and our Solar System. The study of these topics has curriculum links to the Science, Mathematics, Thinking Processes, Interpersonal Development and Personal Learning domains of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).

The kit provides resources relating directly to a class excursion to the show Tycho to the Moon at Melbourne Planetarium, as well as student activities to do at home or in the classroom. The background information and activities complement the Planetarium show, but can also be used as a school-based unit of work.

Resource Year Level PDF Link
About Melbourne Planetarium
Teacher Notes: includes Curriculum links, Glossary Solar System statistics P-3 265Kb
School based activities
Concepts and terms & What do Toys do at night? P-3 981Kb
Investigating light and dark P-3 481Kb
Unlit at night P-3 663Kb
The Moon is lit and unlit too P-3 453Kb
The Sun is a close star P-3 311Kb
No light of their own P-3 696Kb
Toys to the Moon P-3 420Kb
Story: Toys watch the sky P-3 531Kb
Find-a-word and Crossword 2-3 78Kb

Visiting the Planetarium

Planetarium shows consist of a 25 minute presentation in a domed theatre. They are followed by a 10 minute practical guide to ‘What’s in the sky tonight?’

If a planetarium show is your first programmed activity at Scienceworks, it is important that you arrive about 30 minutes before the show’s starting time. This allows time to process payments, store lunches and bags, and for student orientation before proceeding to the planetarium.

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