These resources for Years 3-8 students focus on physical activities, Australian sport stars and the human body. The study of sport has curriculum links to Health and Physical Education, Science and Interpersonal development.

The kit consists of teacher notes, classroom activities, Pathways and the Sportspass Results Card for students to use on an excursion to the Sportsworks exhibition at Scienceworks. A floor plan of the exhibition is included to assist students and supervisors to locate individual exhibits.

Each Pathways focus on different aspects of the exhibits, and are broadly graded as being more suitable for primary, secondary or middle years students. Discuss the selected Pathway(s) with your students and supervisors/carers before the excursion.

The Sportspass Results Card can be used by students of all ages. Teachers and supervisors can record results for younger students, who may find reading the Pathways difficult.


A Sportsworks CD-Rom will be sent to school groups that book an excursion to the Sportsworks exhibition. This contains copies of the files below as well as an interactive Sportspass quiz.

Resource Year Level PDF Link
Teacher notes 3-8 413Kb
Pathways and Sportspass 3-8 730Kb
Classroom Activities:
- Sporty Bodies Part A 3-8 928Kb
- Sporty Bodies Part B 3-8 600Kb
- Sport Safety 3-8 434Kb
- Sport Technology 3-8 1Mb
- Sporty Design 3-8 253Kb
- Forces & Physics in Sport 3-8 507Kb
- Good Sports 3-8 814Kb
Teaching resources 3-8 261Kb
A2 Smartplay warm-up poster 3-8 548Kb
A4 Smartplay warm-up poster 3-8 365Kb

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