Sporty Maths: AusVELS Level 7

Domain: Maths

This program supports the following areas of the AusVELS.

Content description
Maths content strands

Number and Algebra
Compare fractions using equivalence.
Locate and represent fractions and mixed numerals on a number line
Connect fractions, decimals and percentages and carry out simple conversions
Recognise and solve problems involving simple ratios

Measurement and Geometry

Statistics and Probability
Construct sample spaces for single step experiments with equally likely outcomes
Assign probabilities to the outcomes of events and determine probabilities for events
Identify and investigate issues involving continuous or large count data collected from primary and secondary sources
Calculate mean, median, mode and range for sets of data. Interpret these statistics in the context of data
Describe and interpret data displays and the relationship between the median and mean

Proficiency strands

Understanding includes making connections between representations of numbers, using fractions to represent probabilities, comparing and ordering fractions and decimals and representing them in various ways, describing
transformations and identifying line and rotational symmetry

Fluency includes choosing appropriate units of measurement for calculation of perimeter and area, using estimation to check the reasonableness of answers to calculations and using instruments to measure angles

Problem Solving includes formulating and solving authentic problems using whole numbers and measurements and creating financial plans

Reasoning includes investigating strategies to perform calculations efficiently, continuing patterns involving fractions and decimals, interpreting results of chance experiments, posing appropriate questions for data investigations and interpreting data sets

Cross curriculum priorities (Indigenous / Asia / Sustainability): None

Please refer to the VELS tables in the education kit for the Physical, Personal and Social learning strands, and the Interdisciplinary Learning strand.

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