Sporty Maths: AusVELS Level 8

Domain: Maths

This program supports the following areas of the AusVELS.

Content description
Maths content strands

Number and Algebra
Solve problems involving the use of percentages, including percentage increases and decreases, with and without digital technologies
Solve a range of problems involving  ratios, with and without digital technologies

Measurement and Geometry

Statistics and Probability
Investigate the effect of individual data values, including outliers, on the mean and median

Proficiency strands

Understanding includes explaining the function of statistical measures

Fluency includes calculating accurately with simple decimals, indices and integers, recognising equivalence of common
decimals and fractions including repeating decimals and calculating the mean and median of small sets of data

Problem Solving includes formulating and modelling, with comparisons of ratios

Reasoning includes justifying the result of a calculation or estimation as reasonable, explaining formal and intuitive use of ratios for comparing rates, deriving one probability from its complement and making inferences about data

Cross curriculum priorities (Indigenous / Asia / Sustainability): None

Please refer to the VELS tables in the education kit for the Physical, Personal and Social learning strands, and the Interdisciplinary Learning strand.

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