Earth in Space

Earth with the Moon in the background
Earth with the Moon in the background
Source: NASA, JPL

This package includes the Tilt Planetarium show and the Earth Moon and Sun science show.

Tilt explores why we experience seasons using a space and Earth perspective.  Students will also see how the Earth rotates on a tilted axis and how this causes the seasons on Earth. The show’s rich animations and narrative will engage students in some important astronomy concepts.

The included Earth, Moon and Sun show uses audio visual equipment and interactive demonstrations to show students how the Earth’s rotation on its axis and its tilt affects the day and night cycle. The phases of the Moon are also discussed.

This package is designed for students in lower primary.

An example itinerary could be:
10.00am – General viewing of exhibitions
10.30am – Earth Moon and Sun Science Show
11:00am – Break
11:30pm – Tilt Planetarium show
12.30pm - Lunch and exhibition viewing


Term 1 and 2: Tuesday - Friday

Minimum of 15 students per session. Maximum 90 students.

$10 per student + education service fee