Sportsworks - Primary

F-6, Self guided program

Sportsworks explores the science of sports, how human bodies work, and the design, materials and technologies of sports equipment. This exhibition encourages children to learn about their own bodies’ strengths and skills, exploring how their heart and lungs work and watching their muscles and bones in action.

Children can test their skills as a rock climber, snowboarder or soccer goalie, or race against Cathy Freeman and discover their own talents and sporting profiles.

Personal Development and Science learning outcomes are incorporated as well as History through investigating the development of a range of sports and sports people.

Curriculum relevance: physical sciences, health and physical education, materials, technology.

Available Terms 1 and 2, Monday-Friday
Session times: 11am and 1pm
Session duration: 60 minutes

Maximum 60 students per session
Cost: education service fee

Bookings: 03 9392 4819

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