Palaeontologist Introduction


Hi, I'm Erich Fitzgerald and I'm a palaeontologist at Museum Victoria. Palaeontologists study the fossil remains of ancient animals, many of which are completely extinct today, and died out millions of years ago.

If we want to find out anything about how these animals lived and went about their daily lives, we often need to work from the smallest clues - fossil clues. So if we want to find out how tall a dinosaur might have been, we might need to take measurements from a leg-bone. Or if we want to try and understand how fast a fossil animal might have ran, we can often look at footprints and take measurements between the footprints to work out what their pace might have been.

Today, I want you to have a look on the web and find out some information about these ancient extinct animals. Importantly, I want you guys to Figure It Out. So, why don't you have a go and see if you can Figure It Out.

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Erich Fitzgerald describes his role as a palaeontologist at Museum Victoria.
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