Lay out an exhibition

Ben Landau is an exhibition designer with Museum Victoria. He has many things to consider when he's designing the way an exhibition is laid out.

Watch this video with a transcript

Take a look at this video where Ben talks about designing the Explore-a-saurus exhibition.

Watch this video with a transcript

The challenge: Lay out an exhibition

Your challenge is to lay out the Explore-a-saurus exhibition and develop a design that works effectively for visitors including:

  • Ensure all the exhibits fit within the available space
  • Allow enough room for people to move around and view the exhibits
  • Consider if certain objects need to be against a wall and have a ‘back’ or those which can be viewed from all sides.

To complete this challenge you will need the gallery floor plan and exhibit list. Download and save the documents to work offline.


Use the gallery floor plan to draw your final exhibition layout showing the ‘footprint’ or floor space required for each exhibit.

Questions and considerations:

  • Work to scale when placing the exhibits in the gallery floor plan.
  • Which perspective from the Explore-a-saurus exhibit list is best to use as your reference point?
  • What would be appropriate space to leave around particular exhibits? How much space does a person take up? How could you estimate this?
  • Are there relationships between particular exhibits that need to be grouped together or should they be placed in any particular order? How might people move through the exhibition?


Share your solutions with others. Compare various solutions to the same challenge? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each design in terms of economy of space, allowing for visitor traffic and the relationship of objects or groupings?

We would love you to share your solutions with us. Email us a report on your findings. You may even send a video presentation or a link to it, explaining your discoveries and the maths you used in your investigations.

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