Exhibition designer - introduction


Hi, my name is Ben Landau, and I'm an exhibition designer here at Museum Victoria's Scienceworks. My job involves looking at exhibitions that are going to come to Scienceworks, and have a look at the bits and pieces that they involve and how they will come and sit in our exhibition spaces.

It sounds easy, but I have to consider a lot about each exhibit. For instance, some of them need to be up against a wall, or they might need electricity, or maybe they're a certain height, so they'll only fit in one part of the exhibition. Or maybe they need a certain space around them so that people can walk around them and get access to them. These are all things that I have to consider.

On this web page, you'll find challenges which will help you work out how to lay out differennt exhibitions in this space. Can you Figure It Out?

About this Video

Ben Landau describes his role as an exhibition designer with Museum Victoria and the issues and considerations he needs to take into account.
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