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Daniel Robertson is the Assistant Facilities Manager at Scienceworks. His role is to make sure that all buildings, equipment and all areas on the Scienceworks site are working well both for people who work at this site, and for the thousands of visitors who come to Scienceworks every week. Find out more about Daniel, his role and the car park challenge by watching the videos then read the challenge details below.

Watch this video with a transcript

If you are ready to plan a car park, take a look at this video where Daniel talks about the things you need to consider.

Watch this video with a transcript

The Challenge: Plan a car park

Your challenge is to design the most efficient layout for the car park at Scienceworks that meets all the following requirements:

  • Maximises available space for as many parking bays as possible, including accessible parking.
  • Takes into account the safety of pedestrians and drivers.
  • Allows cars and pedestrians to move in and out of the car park efficiently.

Questions and considerations:

  • How much space does a car take up? So, how big does a parking bay have to be?
  • Will using angle parking in your plan allow you to add more parking bays in your design? If so, how you will draw the angle parking bays accurately on your plan? Is there a specific angle that is used for this type of parking?
  • Would using one-way roads within the car park make it safer or more efficient?
  • Would using speed humps in your design make it safer for cars and pedestrians? If so, where will you place them on your plan? How far apart do they need to be to deter drivers from speeding?

Are there any other car park design features that you may have seen which you would like to consider for your own design? Collect photographs of real examples of these to include in your plan.


Use the car park map (in the Related Resources document - 2 different formats have been provided) at the top of this page, to draw your final design showing:

  • lines defining car park spaces, including accessible spaces
  • directional arrows indicating traffic flow
  • other features such as pedestrian access, speed humps etc.


Share your solutions with others. Who managed to include the most car park spaces? Who has the most elegant design? Who has catered well for pedestrians as well as cars?

We would love you to share your solutions with us. Email us a report on your findings. You may even send a video presentation or a link to it, explaining your discoveries and the maths you used in your investigations.

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