Plan a Car Park Challenge


We have hundreds of people that come to Scienceworks everyday and on busy days like our school holidays we might have thousands of people through.

A lot of these visitors come by car. So what we have done is purchased, acquired this land here, we’ve cleared it, and we are building a new overflow car park on it. So for really busy days we’ll have extra parking available for our visitors. It sounds pretty easy doesn’t it making a car park, I mean really, it’s just flat ground with lines on it. But there’s a lot of things we need to consider when we are doing that.

We need to try and fit as many parking spaces in this car park as possible so as many of our visitors can get a park, but obviously we need to make sure our cars can drive safely throughout that. So we need to make sure that the lanes are wide enough, the parking spaces are wide enough. We have also got to think about pedestrians. People are going to be walking to their cars and walking from their cars.

That’s families with pushers and young kids and we are going to have to find a way, to make sure we keep the pedestrians and the cars separate. Can you come with a plan that ticks all these boxes that I need to build an efficient car park in this space? Can you come up with that plan? Can you figure it out?

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Can you figure out how to design our car park?
Length: 1:07