Boiler House

Once housing five boilers, the Boiler House now features two fully restored boilers, adding to the already present ambience. The space has in-built personality, or can be easily transformed into an array of different settings for your individual occasion. Opportunities for spectacular events and lasting impressions in the Boiler House are truly endless and it is the ideal space for a unique event.

Audiovisual & features

  • Three Phase Power access
  • Large access doors for loading equipment
  • Inbuilt lighting truss with event lighting
  • Private lavatories

Should you have additional audiovisual requirements, Museum Victoria can assist you with arranging all your needs.


Size: 380m²
Location: Pumping Station
Capacity: 250 Theatre; 260 Banquet; 220 Banquet with Dance Floor; 350 Cocktail; 1000 Family Day (full Pumping Station)