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An image of space with stars visible and a nebula – clouds of colourful gas

Discover the Night Sky

Uncover the wonders of the universe with a series of astronomy classes in August.

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Star trails time lapse

AstroLight Festival

Astronauts and earthlings, experts and amateurs, family and friends unite for a night starring astronomy and light.

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Exterior of a building with a sign

Open House Melbourne

The Spotswood Pumping Station will be open for behind the scenes tours during Open House Melbourne.

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Two girls making a light-up card with a Scienceworks' staff member in Test Lab.

Test Lab

Don't miss Test Lab - a temporary pop up making and tinkering experience for older kids, with drop in tinkering, bookable workshops and a new Thursday Makers Club.


Chain reaction

Weekend workshop for kids age 10–15 years old.

3D wearables

Weekend workshop for kids age 10–15 years old.

Thursday Makers Club

Evening workshops for 10-15 year olds.

A girl wearing a red painting smock showing her paint-stained hands to the camera

Little Kids' Day In

A fun day for kids aged 5 and under, their parents and carers. 

special event
Acclaimed digital artist Android Jones presents Samskara

Fulldome Showcase 1

Jaw-dropping screenings at the Melbourne Planetarium as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).

Wade Sylvester presents Waiting Far Away

Fulldome Showcase 2

Jaw-dropping screenings at the Melbourne Planetarium as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).

Basic Robotics Workshops

Get hands-on with robots in this intensive workshop, exclusive to Museum Members!

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Advanced Robotics Workshops

Delve deep into LEGO® Mindstorms® in this intensive workshop - exclusive to Museum Members!

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Entrance to Think Ahead

Think Ahead

What will the future be like?

Stars in the night sky

Capturing the Cosmos

All-sky astronomy is a new way of looking at the sky to better understand our Universe!

Student teams watch keenly as their unique bridge design is tested

Aurecon Bridge Building Competition

Over 50 teams of year 8 and 9 students from across Victoria put their unique bridge designs to the test.

special event
In a dark room, several sparks of bright electricity strike several objects.

Lightning Room Revealed

A special look behind-the-scenes of Scienceworks’ electrifying Lightning Room shows.

girl play wio

Alice's Wonderland

Jump down the rabbit hole into a magical, bizarre and fascinating world of illusion and mystery!

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Children with lego model of a city

Nitty Gritty Super City

In this mini-metropolis, the kids build and run the city.

four men in front of a pumping engine

Pumping Station tours

A tour filled with stories of old Melbourne and Victorian engineering feats.

1950s powerboat in the museum's collection store

Collection Store tours

See where and how we keep the museum's immense historical collection.

cartoon of a dog in a kennel

Tycho to the Moon

Meet Tycho, a dog who doesn’t just howl at the moon, but wants to go there.

Two girls using the Cathy Freeman interactive In Sportworks


Stretch your mind and your muscles.

screenshot from Solar System Odyssey

Solar System Odyssey

Join Jack Larson on a wild ride through our Solar System as he searches for a new world to call home.



Freewheeling explores the story of over 140 years of cycling in Australia.

truck and a car

Machines in Action Family Day

Pull on your workboots and get ready to rumble, because our historic steam engines are coming out on parade!

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Man wearing hat on red tractor

Cub Scouts and Machines in Action Engineering Days

Machines in Action days to assist Cub Scouts obtain their Level 1 Engineering Badge.

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Boy enjoying the wind tunnel activity of Little Kids Day In, Scienceworks, 2016

Aero Engineers

Create and then test out your own flying objects by launching them in a blustery wind tunnel.

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New view of the Pillars of Creation star system.

The Hubble Space Telescope

Explore the beauty and achievements of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Planet Jupiter with satellite in front of it.

Juno mission to Jupiter

On July 4, NASA’s Juno spacecraft will enter orbit around Jupiter.

Star cluster in space.

The Light Fantastic

When it comes to astronomy, light is at the heart of everything we know.

Yellow swirls on brown backing in space

Black Holes and Gravitational Waves

The recent discovery of gravitational waves has provided further proof that black holes do exist.


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