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Girl constructing a paper automaton

School holiday activities

Help Scienceworks celebrate the launch of our brand new exhibition Freewheeling with a Spring holiday program exploring the science of movement!

Two girls making a light-up card with a Scienceworks' staff member in Test Lab.

Test Lab

Don't miss Test Lab a temporary, pop-up, making and tinkering experience for older kids, with drop-in tinkering, bookable workshops and a new Thursday Makers Club.

A girl wearing a red painting smock showing her paint-stained hands to the camera

Little Kids' Day In

A fun day for kids aged 5 and under, their parents and carers.

special event

Test Lab by night: What's on the inside

Get in touch with your inner inventor at an adults-only night in Test Lab, our pop-up maker space.

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A large red fire engine parked on a green lawn, in front of the Scienceworks building The Pumping Station.

Community Safety Day

Come along and learn how emergency services and other related organisations help keep our community safe.

special event
truck and a car

Machines in Action Family Day

Pull on your workboots and get ready to rumble, because our historic steam engines are coming out on parade!

special event
Entrance to Think Ahead

Think Ahead

What will the future be like?

Stars in the night sky

Capturing the Cosmos

All-sky astronomy is a new way of looking at the sky to better understand our Universe!

Man with a stylus creating a digital image

Spontaneous Fantasia

Spontaneous Fantasia is a live immersive reality musical performance by international artist J-Walt.

In a dark room, several sparks of bright electricity strike several objects.

Lightning Room Revealed

A special look behind-the-scenes of Scienceworks’ electrifying Lightning Room shows.

Children with lego model of a city

Nitty Gritty Super City

In this mini-metropolis, the kids build and run the city.



Freewheeling explores the story of over 140 years of cycling in Australia.

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A man stands looking up at the night sky

A Night of Awe and Wonder

Gain a new perspective & reclaim your sense of awe & wonder with astronomer Dr Tanya Hill & philosopher Dr Patrick Stokes.

special event
four men in front of a pumping engine

Pumping Station tours

A tour filled with stories of old Melbourne and Victorian engineering feats.

1950s powerboat in the museum's collection store

Collection Store tours

See where and how we keep the museum's immense historical collection.

Boy with brightly coloured cogs

Get into gear

Investigate how gears and wheels work with this hands-on activity.

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A boy racing his solar powered boat against others

Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge

Join primary and secondary school teams as they race their vehicles to see who is the 'fastest under the sun'.

special event

Tools of Trade Installation

Artist Jason Waterhouse transforms industrial and everyday hand and power tools in a new installation for the Scienceworks Collection Store.

special event
cartoon of a dog in a kennel

Tycho to the Moon

Meet Tycho, a dog who doesn’t just howl at the Moon, but wants to go there.

Two girls using the Cathy Freeman interactive In Sportworks


Stretch your mind and your muscles.

light with movement


Uncover the mysteries of the stars in this new Planetarium show.

girl, robot and boy


When the seasons go crazy Annie and Max must set things right and discover a new angle on the world.

screenshot from Solar System Odyssey

Solar System Odyssey

Join Jack Larson on a wild ride through our Solar System as he searches for a new world to call home.

Planetarium Session times unavailable
Close up of bike wheel

Re-Inventing the Wheel

Roll on up these school holidays to experience the wonderful world of wheels!

Disk with jet

Black Holes

Imagine a place where time stands still and the known laws of physics don’t apply.

Planetarium Session times unavailable

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