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Lightning Room
2 Booker Street
Spotswood, Victoria, 3015
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What IS lightning?!

Every second around the world, there are a hundred lightning strikes, putting out a heat five times hotter than the surface of the sun! It has inspired myths and legends for as long as humans have looked up at the sky, and scientific study of lightning and electricity has led to countless discoveries and technologies that have changed our lives.

Join us for a show that explores what we know – and what we don't – about this spectacular force of nature. Featuring stunning lightning photography from all over the world, and high-voltage demonstrations in our very own Lightning Room, we'll take you deep inside a storm cloud, and follow lightning as it strikes. We'll also show you how the latest technologies, including high-speed cameras and space exploration, have led us to exciting new discoveries.

Due to the awesome sparks and noise of our high voltage demonstrations, the Lightning Room is not recommended for young children and babies.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.



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Session time/s

    • Thursday, 30 March, 2017

    • Friday, 31 March, 2017