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Detail of LightTime installation


Illuminate your eyes, ears and mind.

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Listening to the Universe

Answer the call of the Universe – discover the science, stories and poetry of the stars.

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Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow), Rio de Janeiro

Museum of Tomorrow

A rare opportunity to hear from leaders of Rio de Janeiro’s new museum, which puts forward one of the planet’s most powerful arguments for sustainability.

1938 Engine House

Open House Melbourne

Explore the Spotswood Pumping Station, a feat of nineteenth-century engineering and icon of the West.

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Church of the Good Shepherd under the Milky Way

Winning Sky Photos

Winning Sky Photos is an exhibition of the top entries from the 2016 David Malin Awards astrophotography competition.

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Space with stars visible and a nebula – clouds of colourful gas

Discover the Night Sky

Enjoy a special evening with the stars at the Melbourne Planetarium with Museums Victoria’s resident astronomer Dr Tanya Hill. 

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The Milky Way

Part of the Discover the Night Sky series of astronomy classes.

Black and white image of a woman's head and shoulders repeated in a circle in the centre of the frame


Bring a sense of wonder to an after-hours event series for thinkers, makers, stargazers and creators.

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Fulldome Showcase

Fulldome Showcase

Melbourne Planetarium's fulldome screenings are back for Melbourne International Film Festival.

Artwork by Kit Webster

Night Light

Scienceworks opens late to highlight new experience LightTime along with DJs, drinks and artist talks.

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Entrance to Think Ahead

Think Ahead

What will the future be like?


Our Living Climate

A dramatic and different way of looking at our climate.

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Stars in the night sky

Capturing the Cosmos

All-sky astronomy is a new way of looking at the sky to better understand our Universe – and it's happening in Australia!

A lightning strike illuminates the sky near the Thevenard silos at Ceduna, South Australia.

Bolt from the Blue

From blue jets to red sprites, anvil lightning to St Elmo’s Fire, explore the remarkable properties and mysteries of lightning.

Planet in space

Ticket to the Universe

Take a trip to the far reaches of space, with our Scienceworks presenters as your tour guide.

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light with movement


Uncover the mysteries of the stars in this Planetarium show.

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four men in front of a pumping engine

Pumping Station tours

A tour filled with stories of old Melbourne and Victorian engineering feats.

1950s powerboat in the museum's collection store

Collection Store tours

See highlights from our historic collection and discover some of Melbourne’s fascinating past.

A boy racing his solar powered boat against others

Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge

Join primary and secondary school teams as they race their vehicles to see who is the 'fastest under the sun'.

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Disk with jet

Black Holes

Imagine a place where time stands still and the known laws of physics don’t apply.