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Spotswood, Victoria, 3015
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LightTime is a collective of 11 Melbourne based artists who have created hypnotic and mesmerising works for a visceral and interactive experience at Scienceworks like never before.

Science merges with art in an exhibition that invites visitors to engage their senses to explore the phenomena of light, sound and optics. Be immersed in a space where lasers project holographic effects to an evolving original soundtrack; enter a room of LED screens that create a spectacle to confound and entrance; and lie beneath an ultraviolet garden of floral meditation.

Be inspired by scientific splendour and illuminate your eyes, ears and mind with LightTime.

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LightTime Artists

Kit Webster
Skunk Control
Leslie Eastman
Mind Buffer ( Josh Batty and Mitchell Nordine)
Eiichi Tosaki and Steve Stelios Adam
Lienors Torre & Rose Woodcock
Daniel Armstrong