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Construction fun at Nitty Gritty Super City
Construction fun at Nitty Gritty Super City
Source: Paoli Smith

Explore science in the city.

Specifically designed for three to eight year olds, Nitty Gritty Super City is a fun and interactive exhibition set in a mini metropolis where children are encouraged to push buttons, pull ropes, investigate materials, encounter sounds, objects and other people.

Highlights include the construction zone, the role-play café, the digger, the cargo ship and the interactive music bowl.


Event Type: Permanent Exhibition

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10:00 AM - 4:30 PM


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Abbie Liddell 11 January, 2011 18:56
I am going there with cuzin on firday can I do it with her or not she is only 5 years of age
Discovery Centre 13 January, 2011 12:20

Hi Abbie, Nitty Gritty Super City has been designed with 3 to 8 year olds in mind, so it would be the perfect place to start your Scienceworks visit!

Andrew 15 January, 2011 16:04
do u have to be 8 or younger
Discovery Centre 17 January, 2011 14:57
Hi Andrew! No, you don't have to be 8 or under, that is just a recommended age group. Older kids are welcome to join in!
Jess 26 May, 2012 15:11
I'm 17 and I still play with everything at Nitty Gritty Super City, I'm a big kid
Naomi 8 February, 2011 18:40
Can I bring a couple of young adults with autism & downs syndrome through please I know they will like the interactive ellements?
callum 11 March, 2011 11:57
science works rocksssssssssssss
fb 24 May, 2011 11:57
Any rules on taking photos/videos on the premises?
Roan Nair 15 June, 2011 17:59
I just had my first visit 2 Scienceworks and wanted to know, how long is Sciencworks open?
Discovery Centre 17 June, 2011 12:40
Hi Roan, we hope you enjoyed your visit. Scienceworks opened in 1992.
prue 23 June, 2011 22:09
Can't wait to take my daughter ! I first went to nitty gritty super city in 1997 !! I'm wondering if its changed I loved it!
Jb's girl 7 July, 2011 10:39
My granma and poppy wan to take me and my sister to scince works would they still have fn there even though they are my grandma and poppy.
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1Zebby1 29 September, 2011 19:48
i have been to science works like 111 times. it really hasn't changed. but i love it. i am over 8 but nitty gritty super city is my favourite. Who made the city of melbourne out of the lego????
simran 3 October, 2011 12:32
omg i loved that exhbition i went there in grade 3 and i loved and i going again and i m in year 7 and i m still extited
Chymaine 5 October, 2011 17:15
i went here as a kid, It was great! I'm 18 now and still want to go back! (:
Miguel 6 November, 2011 16:47
i loved it it was cool and AMAZING how can you not love it? ;o
Eisa 20 November, 2011 11:37
My daughter is three and has autism. Is nitty gritty city appropriate for her? Your reply will be much appreciated, regards
Discovery Centre 22 November, 2011 13:05

Hi Eisa,
Without knowing the specific needs of your daughter we can say that:

  • Many of the activities in Nitty Gritty Super City involve cooperation with others.
  • Many of the interactives are kinaesthetic, auditory and visual
  • Interaction between children and their carers is encouraged
  • If your child might be distracted by the Shop and Café, it is possible to avoid these areas when you arrive.  Please ask the staff member at the admissions desk.
  • As Nitty Gritty Super City is extremely popular with schools, families and young children, it can be quite full during the school holidays, weekends  and in the morning during term-time. You may want to consider the quieter times to visit, which are generally  weekday afternoons from 14.00-16.30.
Jessica 23 February, 2012 17:23
I love nitty gritty super city and the blocks and other stuff
emily major 26 March, 2012 20:19
can people over 12 have a look?
Discovery Centre 27 March, 2012 11:29
Hi Emily, 3-8 is just a recommended age group. Older kids are welcome to have a look or join in!
Sarah 19 July, 2012 20:16
This is amazing. My boyfriend and I are going tomorrow (I'm 21, he's 20) and I love this place :P :P
Wendy 15 May, 2013 21:41
I went here today with my 4 year old and 2&1/2 year old boys - they had an absolutely wonderful time, the only problem was getting them to leave! Well done to all involved in it's creation, particularly the construction area.
Grace 4 September, 2013 09:57
Wow it sounds great hope everyone there today has the best time of there live. Enjoy enjoy Enjoy it all!!!!!!!
Jeremiah 19 February, 2014 17:37
Awesome!Nitty Gritty Super City is my favourite Permanent Exhibit at Scienceworks!
vanessa 1 April, 2014 19:36
when i was 6 in 2009 the whole prep area went to nitty gritty super city trust me its the funnest place on earth it was so much fun that when the lady said not to run everyone ran i wish i could go again i would do anything to go there again i dont think i can go anyway because i am nearly 11 and it says ages 3-8
Jack 1 April, 2014 19:46
I went to scienceworks a few weeks ago and I loved the part where you can create cars and the interactive stuff! LOVED IT!
Gurpreet 18 October, 2014 21:49
Hi there I am a kindergarten teacher. As long day care centre, children come and leave at different times. So we cannot take them for excursions. Do you have any option of incursions as well. Please let me know. Thank you Sincerely yours Gurpreet Sidhu
Discovery Centre 20 October, 2014 10:18
Hi Gurpreet! Check out our kinder Outreach Program here.
Celeste 17 January, 2015 10:36
I was wondering how long will take to look at this exhibition?
Rachel 14 August, 2015 08:28
I have a son with ASD and I'm coming to you tomorrow but was trying to find images or tours online so he would know what to expect but haven't had any luck. I hope this is just me not finding it. Please let me know where I can access this. Thanks
Discovery Centre 18 August, 2015 13:53

Hi Rachel, the resources for Melbourne Museum are available online.

We expect that the resources for Scienceworks will be available late this year and the Immigration Museum next year.