About the Exhibition

Think Ahead shows you

  • scale models of boats, planes and trains demonstrating changes in transport over the past 200 years and how it has transformed the world
  • milestones in medicine and health, including the da Vinci Surgical Robot
  • how the food we eat in the future will be different from what we eat today
  • future technological developments in music for the hearing impaired, as well as the evolution of new instruments like the laser harp
  • the layers of the city and how they interact, including transport, waste, water and energy systems
  • A prototype of the EN-V Xiao Pod Car from General Motors Holden, on display for the first time in Australia

Interactive activities allow you to

  • imagine upgrading your mind, organs, limbs and adding special features to your body
  • create a new city that can house more people yet include more green space and bikes
  • design your own future sneaker and your own future vehicle
  • tackle the challenge of future traffic in the VicRoads Traffic Management Interactive

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