Sustainable Cities

As the world's populations move into the urban areas, our cities are faced with the challenges of providing for more people in a limited area. These local innovators are working on ideas to make our homes and cities more sustainable.

Dr Scott Watkins 

Dr Scott Watkins is a scientist who is working on new technologies to produce low-cost, printable, plastic solar cells. He believes that these flexible solar cells will be used in the future to generate electricity on a broad range of surfaces such as buildings, windows, cars and even clothing.

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Joost Bakker

Joost Bakker is a sustainable designer and builder. He believes that houses of the future should be made out of all natural, non-toxic materials that are endlessly recyclable. Joost's sustainable house was built using natural, recycled materials such as straw, bricks, steel, timber and glass. But best of all, Joost's house has a green roof!

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