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My name is Joost Bakker and I believe in food that's treated with respect and honoured in the way that it's grown.

Food that's back to basics that give us energy and foods that are full of life.

Zero waste, endlessly recyclable, non-toxic.

Once you have that goal and once you start operating that way and I think Silo is a perfect example that you can have a hospitality venue that doesn't generate waste.

So what we try and do at Silo is create food from scratch and what I mean from scratch we make our own butter we make our own yogurt, fermenting is another big thing so every single thing that comes out, comes out with something fermented and again that's alive and it's living so we use that philosophy across the board for everything.

We make things like broths and soups and you know cook things slowly ... do things properly and um that way we get the best out of our food and it's also really good for us and it's good for our mental health it's good for our dental health it's good for how we feel and um it's sort of all of it just goes back to basics and it's not stuff that goes back to our grandparents generation it goes back a couple of generations before that we have sort of in the last 100 years I think forgotten how to prepare food properly and how to cook food properly and it has actually we haven't shown respect to the food.

So it starts with the milk getting delivered straight from the farm so we get milk in stainless steel 20lt vats From that we start making butter um yogurt, cheese, labne and all sorts of milk products that we need we also use it for our coffees.

Then we start making the batch, we start grinding wheat for flour and we will start the sourdough batch and that will be the bread for tomorrow.

It is all about doing everything without generating any waste.

We have things like shell fish and bones but all that stuff go into our organic composter so it's like a an invessle composter and that generates all this beautiful compost that we then use on the farm.

I hope that in the future we realise the value of nutrient dense food that's alive and full of goodness and we start appreciating the energy and the time that goes into growing food and growing it well and growing it properly and start to demand foods that are grown not in monocultures but in good organic methods and so that we constantly improve our surroundings and our soils rather than this

what we are currently doing is just mining the soil and then moving onto another area and ruining areas.

I really hope that the next generation that comes through is going to force us all to live without waste and force us to create communities and environments that are not just habitat for us, or not just for humans but actually for all living creatures.

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Future Food - Joost Bakker
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