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I'm Regina Belski and I believe that in the future food will be your medicine and medicine will be your food.

Thousands of years ago a very wise man called Hippocrates said "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food' and what's really, really interesting is that he had a point and a very important point and we really are only learning more and more about this today and one interesting thing about food acting as medicine is about the nutrition properties that foods have and the different nutrients that they contain and what's really interesting is that we currently have foods out there or particular things that are really, really packed with wonderful, helpful nutrients.

Now one of those foods is Lupin and specifically I'm talking about these little lupin beans that have been shown to have some pretty amazing properties in regards to improving health.

So this little magical bean having a role as a medicine.

When wheat is planted in fields it needs actually believe it or not particular nutrients for it to grow from the soil and one of those nutrients is nitrogen.

So wheat eats up a lot of the nitrogen from the soil in order to grow.

So what the farmer's did is they planted these little Lupin beans into the fields to put the nitrogen back into the soil.

Because Lupin leaves nitrogen in the soil so we had this abundance of these little Lupin beans growing.

Obviously the farmers were aware of this little bean and its existence and the cattle and sheep because they had been enjoying it for a number of years.

But it was not until researchers started to look at what was actually in this bean that we realised how important it was and how much potential it had for improving our health.

We took the little beans we ground them down to a flour and we worked and it started in my kitchen playing around with different recipes to see how we could incorporate it into baked foods.

Once we managed to make those particular foods we actually got a bakery involved and so a bakery helped us with baking the different foods.

And then once we had the foods we simply asked um adults to eat the different foods as part of their day to day eating.

So to swap their usual toast for this new toast and to see what happened with their health.

And what was really interesting that when we had them eat this for 12 months those individuals that swapped to eating the lupin bread compared to the regular bread that they were eating actually had improved medicine heart health.

Having lupin incorporated into foods actually enables it to be a food that acts as a medicine as I mentioned we saw really significant improvements in heart health by those individuals that simply ate the lupin foods.

So if we can have such a significant effect comparable to some medications you have got a perfect example of a food acting as medicine and medicine being food.

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