Think Ahead introduction


Kate Phillips: Think Ahead is a long-term exhibition here at Scienceworks, and it's about imagining the future.

Dr Nurin Veis: Think Ahead is going to be really quite a shock to some people. They're going to come in the door and they're going to see something that's very different to what they're used to.

Visitor: Kind of like, they created this time machine. And you're going in the future and you know how it's going to be.

Kate Phillips: There are lots of interactives that invite people to participate themselves.

Visitor: It's not really every day when you see new parts of your body coming on to you.

David Perkins: I think the best thing about Think Ahead is our little robot, NAO.

NAO: Let me introduce myself. I am NAO. Welcome to Scienceworks. I have been designed to imitate and interact with humans. I can hear, walk, pick things up, and see.

Visitor: He's really cute, and I've yet to interact with him. I've heard he has facial recognition.

Visitor: There's lots of things for everyone, and I think it actually touches all the senses.

Visitor: It's showcasing our intelligence.

Visitor: You've got to come here. Bring the family, bring your friends, and it'll be a blast.

Visitor: Definitely come here because it's really fun and interesting.

Dr Nurin Veis: There's an experience there that you really need to see. It will blow your mind. It's absolutely fantastic.

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Introduction to the Think Ahead exhibition at Scienceworks.
Length: 01:38