Machines in Action Family Day

Past Event: 4 October 2015

Source: Rob Blackburn, Paoli Smith

Check out historic vehicles on parade and take a ride on a model steam train at this family fun day.

Take a ride on a model steam train and see historic vehicles in action at a family fun day.

The day includes model steam train rides provided by Springvale Live Steamers and parades showcasing Museum Victoria’s historic working vehicle collection.

Heritage engines on display include the Cowley Steam Roller and Cowley Steam Traction Engine.

Parades – 12.30pm, 1.30pm & 2.30pm
View the Cowley Steam Traction Engine, the KL Bulldog Tractor and other historic machinery as they go on parade around the Arena.

Steam Train Rides – 10.30-12.20pm, 12.55-1.20pm & 1.55-2.20pm
Jump aboard and take a ride on a working model steam train with the Springvale Live Steamers. Participants must wear fully enclosed shoes. Please note for safety reasons steam train rides will not run whilst parade is in progress.
Weather permitting.

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Colin Woods 14 April, 2011 00:48
It would be great if the technology was on permanent display as it was in the old museum years ago not hidden away in the Collections Store
Wes Harris 3 October, 2012 08:19
Is the steam locomotive Z526 on display?
Discovery Centre 3 October, 2012 13:08

Hi Wes - the "Polly" Z-526 is housed in the Garage at Scienceworks, which is generally open for display on weekends and during School Holiday periods, weather permitting (that is, the garage is closed during the rain). The best option to view it would be to visit Scienceworks on a weekend or School Holiday period when the weather is fine, and enquire onsite with the Scienceworks Customer Service staff for directions to see it in the garage.

Hope that helps

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Norm 3 August, 2013 21:01
Sorry to learn the engine house and the boiler room is not open anymore - except for scheduled tours. I will miss this. Also, I agree with Colin Woods (above) - some of the most interesting technology is hidden away in the collections. Be nice to see some of it on display. Adults are people too.
Brad Morris 12 February, 2015 13:01
Hi there. just wondering when the next Machines in Action Family Day will be? I am keen to come along and look at the engines in action. Cheers, Brad.
MV Customer Contact Centre 16 February, 2015 10:10

Hi Brad,

Machines in Action Family Days are being planned for the following dates in 2015: April 12, May 24, August 23, and October 4.


David Boldiston 9 April, 2015 23:29
Iam a member with Springvale Live Steamers we will have two trains running one on steam and the other elect with a backup for both if needed. All riders must wear fully enclosed footwear. No bare feet,thongs,or open-toed sandals allowed.We can take 3 or 4 people around the track on each train twice around.
Leanne Boyle 12 August, 2015 18:47
Hi, I was wondering if the 6hp austral will be running as my dad (m ohlsen) used to own it and I found some information on it that you might like, you may already have the information but I would love to see it running again.
Discovery Centre 22 August, 2015 10:11
Hi Leanne, our Curator has said he is not sure how many volunteers we will have in on Sunday, but it will depend on numbers as to whether we have enough personnel to have the engine running. If you are likely to come in I will try to at least have the engine brought out of the garage and put on display on the arena. I would love to catch up with you and have a chat about the other information you have. If you do come in have a look out for me I should be around the engines on the arena.