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link to Tyrannosaurs Tyrannosaurs - Meet the Family If you thought you knew tyrannosaurs, think again.  Science Fiction, Science Future Are you ready for science fiction to become a reality? link to Deep Oceans Deep Oceans

Dive in and uncover the secrets of the world’s largest habitat.

spiral galaxy NGC 3718 Winning Sky Photos: The David Malin Awards 2013 See spectacular images of the night sky! PLANETARIUM FOYER children in the Rescue exhibition Rescue How would you react in a high-pressure scenario with people’s lives at stake? The Shape of Things: Aloe polyphylla The Shape of Things Discover what shapes occur in nature and make your own shapes in our presentation and activity. Woman spinning a blue disc Big Kids' Night Out Calling all you big kids! Black and white illustration The Big Think A perfect mix of art and science brings a new look to the Big Bang theory. hands on a plasma ball Megawatt It's electrifying! spiral galaxy NGC 3718 Winning Sky Photos: The David Malin Awards 2013 See spectacular images of the night sky! PLANETARIUM FOYER Two boys and a girl Carnival of Science Explore the science behind the carnival. LEGO ATLAS Detector LEGO ATLAS Detector See a LEGO model of one component of the Earth's biggest particle physics experiment. PLANETARIUM FOYER boys looking at their shadows Playing with Light Experience illuminating light, lasers and lenses in this exhibition for the whole family to enjoy. Our Water Our Water If you were in control of Australia's water, how would you use it? The David Malin Awards 2011 Winning Sky Photos: The David Malin Awards 2011 View spectacular images of the night sky! PLANETARIUM FOYER Wallace and Gromit Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention Wallace and Gromit have moved into Scienceworks! Detail of work from Periodic Table on Show Periodic Table on Show See artists’ interpretations of the Periodic Table of elements. Surprises of the Cosmos Surprises of the Cosmos A spectacular photograph display. boy using interactive at perception deception Perception Deception Is your ‘reality’ different from that of those around you?  Amazing Backyard Adventures Take a closer look at what you might find in your backyard.  Explore-a-saurus Discover a world of dinosaurs at Scienceworks as you explore the science of palaeontology. West Gate Bridge West Gate Bridge Display Marvel at the engineering feat of the iconic West Gate Bridge. Measure Island Measure Island There is a lot more to measuring than you think. Humanoid Discovery Humanoid Discovery Discover how different body systems and organs function. Harrison Refrigerator Model Harrison Refrigerator Model See a model of the first successful industrial refrigerator (1857). Going Places Going Places: The Technology of Transport Ride a mini hovercraft, guide a blimp and land an aeroplane on the flight simulator. Mini Car 50th Anniversary Display Mini Car 50th Anniversary Display Small wonder: the Mini turns 50. Visual Illusions Visual Illusions A small exhibition of hands-on and 'bodies-in' visual illusions. David Malin Awards 2010 Winning Sky Photos: The David Malin Awards 2010 A display of spectacular images of the sky. Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination Journey into a galaxy far, far away and discover the science behind the Star Wars films. Earth Quest – Outer Space to Inner Earth Earth Quest – Outer Space to Inner Earth Go on a voyage from the outer limits of the Milky Way to the very centre of planet Earth. Being Resourceful EPA Victoria Calendar Competition Display View the exhibition of finalists for the EPA Victoria’s 2010 calendar competition. wooden lugger ‘Mystery’ Cornish Fishing Lugger Display Commemorate the voyage of the fishing lugger, Mystery, from Cornwall, UK to Melbourne in 1854-1855. Ford Quadricycle The Centenary of the Model T Ford Celebrate the centenary of the First Model T Ford during October. Imagination Factory Imagination Factory An interactive exhibition that explores gears, levers, pulleys and cams. Toys: Science at Play Toys: Science at Play Why does a spinning top stay upright? What makes the patterns in a kaleidoscope? Sci-Quest Sci-Quest Sci-Quest is an enticing collection of interactive science and technology exhibits for all ages. Muck Bunker Stormwater Experience Muck Bunker Stormwater Experience Help prevent Max Muck polluting our waterways.  House Secrets Explore the science behind all the familiar things in our homes. Strike a Chord thumbnail Strike a Chord The Science of Music Exhibition.