Carnival of Science

Past Event: 15 December 2012 to 3 February 2014

Two boys and a girl
Image: On Location Photography, Sharon Walker

Explore the science behind the carnival.

Ever wondered what the trick is to winning the giant teddy at your favourite sideshow alley game? It might surprise you, but the answer lies in science.

Carnival of Science goes behind the scenes to explore the physics, biology and psychology of the sideshow – without losing the magic of the carnival!

Try your luck navigating the maze of mirrors or try the strength tester. Like a human cannonball, launch yourself head first into the weird and often wacky world of the carnival!

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Pamela Burton 11 October, 2012 12:27
I am wondering about the age level that the Science Carnival targets?
MV Customer Services 16 October, 2012 11:20

Hi Pamela,

The Carnival of Science is aimed towards children from the ages of 6 to 12.

Solomon 27 December, 2012 12:23
Is here any family pass/ticket for the show? just to plan the time for the rest of the day, in how many hrs approximately we can finish watching the carnival?
MV Customer Services 7 January, 2013 15:48

Hi Solomon,

You should allow an hour to view Carnival of Science, and we don’t offer a family ticket as it’s cheaper to buy them individually. Adults are $16 each including the general museum, kids are $4.50, and concession card holders are $5.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Oliver John 16 January, 2013 16:18
Hi I was wondering what the door at the front of the carnavial of sicence Thanks Oliver
Ines 17 June, 2013 19:55
Hi there, We will be visiting during our (Tasmanian)school holidays. I must say that it is a shame that you do not factor interstate school holidays for your special feature programs! Oh well....
quinny 3 July, 2013 23:21
kids ticket is at $4.50 from what age? 2 and under are free?
MVBookings 4 July, 2013 13:35

Hi Quinny,

Thanks for your enquiry.

Children between the ages of 3 and 16 enter the Carnival of Science at $4.50 each.


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Tim 26 September, 2013 08:32
Is Carnival of Science now free?
Judy 28 December, 2013 19:39
What are the name of the items in the Activity Arcade with the hoops and Diabolo?
Discovery Centre 6 January, 2014 12:35

Hi Judy,

In the Activity Arcade we have sets of Hulla Hoops, Juggling Balls, Diablos, Spinning Plates and Pois.

Sarah 2 February, 2014 14:54
What was the name of the display that had shapes you could roll down the stand? It was the one with the wooden shapes. I need to know for a science project please. :)
Tanya 16 April, 2015 21:53
This was one of the best exhibits I have taken my students to back in 2013. Will it return anytime soon?
MV Bookings 20 April, 2015 14:40

Hi Tanya, 

We're glad you and your students enjoyed the exhibition. Unfortunately at this stage the Carnival has left town permanently.

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Sideshow clown  Exhibit in the Carnival of Science