Winning Sky Photos: The David Malin Awards 2011

Past Event: 10 December 2011 to 1 April 2012

Time is of the Essence by Christopher Thomas
"Time is of the Essence" by Christopher Thomas
Winner: Solar System: Wide-field category
Photo copyright: Christopher Thomas

View spectacular images of the night sky!

This stunning display features the winners and selected entries from the annual photography competition inspired by the world-renowned astronomy photographer and competition judge, Dr David Malin.

A record number of people across Australia took part in this year’s competition, including 12 year old Lara O’Brien from Victoria who won the ‘Junior’ category for her beautiful Lunar Eclipse 16/6/11 composition.

This year's competition categories were; Australia Beneath the Stars, Deep Sky, Wide Field, Solar System, Junior (16 years and under), Animated Sequences, Themed Section and an Innovation Award.

Pictures on display range from spectacular wide field solar system images of planets and the Sun, deep space images of nebula and the Southern Milky Way, images taken in the city, the outback, with surf and sky and an extraordinary image of a jet streaming across the moon.

If you're interested in astronomy, photography and the unique Australian environment, you will be truly inspired by this display in the Melbourne Planetarium foyer at Scienceworks.

Exhibition developed by the Central West Astronomical Society and toured by the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

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Lunar Eclipse — 16/6/11 The Horsehead and Flame Nebula