Earth Quest – Outer Space to Inner Earth

Past Event: 6 December 2008 to 19 April 2009

three children using an interactive display
Source: Questacon

Go on a voyage from the outer limits of the Milky Way to the very centre of planet Earth.

En route, engage with interactive exhibits that cover a wide range of topics such as astronomy, geology, geography, environmental science and biology.

Discover why we have seasons, how mountains are formed, how animals have adapted to life in different climates and what’s at the centre of the Earth.

Undertake your own dinosaur excavation in the dinosaur dig and do some hands on activities in the Experiment Zone.

Developed by Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre, Canberra.

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nik 22 November, 2010 17:52
whow do u have maths in this site
Discovery Centre 24 November, 2010 12:55
Hi Nik, all the information relating to our maths education programs and kits at the museum can be found on the Technology & Maths Education resources page.
Jo 11 July, 2012 15:14
Will this exhibition be running again in 2013 to co-incide with the new Aust Curriculum content for yr 10?
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