Explore-a-saurus video


Hi, I'm Dr Tim and I'd like to welcome you to Explore-a-saurus, an exciting new exhibition brought to you by Scienceworks. Explore-a-saurus allows you to delve into the world of dinosaurs and learn how palaeontologists know what they know about everybody's favourite prehistoric animals.

As well as introducing newly painted animatronic dinosaurs, including Triceratops, Apatosaurus and Stegosaurus, Explore-a-saurus presents fun and educational interactives demonstrating how dinosaurs lived in the world around them.

Ever wondered what dinosaurs sounded like? Make your own duck-billed dinosaur sounds using plumber's pipes and the latest scientific knowhow. Now that's one dinosaur with a good set of pipes!

Think you're strong enough to avoid being eaten by Tyrannosaurus? Step inside the jaws of T. rex and find out!

Sick of Melbourne's inclement or unpredictable weather? At Explore-a-saurus, come and pretend you're someplace warm and while you're at it come and dig for some dinosaur bones! You'll never know what you might find!

So come and experience the fascinating world of dinosaurs at Explore-a-saurus. Just visit www.museumvictoria.com.au/exploreasaurus for ticket information and opening times.

Explore-a-saurus - you'll have a roaring great time!

About this Video

Dr Tim Holland walks you through the Explore-a-saurus exhibition at Scienceworks.
Length: 1:40