Going Places: The Technology of Transport

Past Event: 12 December 2009 to 17 October 2010

Flight simulator
Flight simulator.
Source: Scitech, Perth

Ride a mini hovercraft, guide a blimp and land an aeroplane on the flight simulator.

Control peak hour traffic with the city simulator, load cargo for a sea voyage and use solar power to fly a plane.

Explore how different modes of transport have shaped society and put yourself to the test with a multitude of challenges. Comprising more than 22 hands-on exhibits, Going Places promises to be a wild ride.

Developed by Scitech, Perth.

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Brianna Morrissy 19 September, 2010 15:17
Science works is awesome and I would come back!!!!!!!
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amy kee 28 September, 2010 09:08
thanks for that comment ^ im going 2 day:)
nik 22 November, 2010 17:48
hi welcome to be back to science whoo iam going to learn more things about chemicals ?
Discovery Centre 24 November, 2010 15:57
Hi Nik, all information regarding education programs and kits relating to chemistry can be found on our Chemistry & Physics Education Resources page.