House Secrets

Past Event: 6 March 2006 to 14 July 2013

Source: Robert Blackburn, Paoli Smith

Explore the science behind all the familiar things in our homes.

This exhibition presents all sorts of wonderful things we might find around the home, from the food we eat, to the appliances we use, to the animals we share our living space with.

House Secrets is highly interactive and offers a broad range of engaging exhibits.

Come along and explore the science in everyday objects.

House Secrets closes on 14 July to make way for a 
new exciting exhibition Think Ahead.

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Stephanie Field 15 February, 2011 11:27
I love you guys, please send me an email back. xoxo :) <3 (L) (A)xxxx oo x o
Discovery Centre 17 February, 2011 13:18
Hi Stephanie, glad that you like what we do so much!
Discovery Centre 17 February, 2011 15:07
Thanks, Stephanie - always good to get positive feedback! Feel free to send any enquiries you might have about Museum Victoria's collections and research to us via the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.
rob pearson 16 June, 2011 11:57
There seems to be some confusion about where exhibits are on display/shown in relation to "venue" perhaps where your web site says "now showing" could be changed to "now showing at SCIENCE WORKS SPOTSWOOD" Therefore giving a clear impression to the exhibits location regards Rob Pearson
Discovery Centre 16 June, 2011 13:15
Hi Rob, thanks for your feedback. Exhibitions only appear on the website on pages of the museum at which they are showing. This is identified by the different coloured banners that indicate the name of the museum at top left. So for instance, the orange banner on this page with the word 'Scienceworks' indicates that this exhibition is showing there. The URL also includes within it the name of the museum at which the exhibition is showing. Hope this helps.
Cmdamcedks psf ofedcdsci 23 January, 2012 14:11
This was my second visit and it was even better than last time
ianna 11 April, 2012 10:13
i luvved it sooo soooo much it was very fun, intresting and engaging!!!
Lily 5 January, 2013 11:42
Hi guys I just want to say how fun science works is it is just to amazing and it is so easy to get into it and have a great time can't wait to go there again!!!
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Rebecca 13 April, 2013 20:49
I'm very excited to be coming back in 2 weeks. I'm bringing my sister inlaw and her son all the way from Newcastle. My daughter and I last visited 6 years ago and this is our next time bk to Melbourne and we're coming again. Loved it the first time. I can't wait to come again.
RebeccaM 27 May, 2013 09:48
Man your exhibition is so good just wanted to stay there. Its so amazingly awesome
Amy 10 June, 2013 09:49
hey I was just wondering what exhibitions are included in the general entry to scienceworks? Thanks Amy p.s I went to science works last year on camp and it was really fun I strongly reccomend scienceworks its awesome :)
Stamatina Pearce 9 July, 2013 21:23
What age group is 'House Secrets' for?
MV Customer Services 10 July, 2013 12:39

Hi Stamatina,

The House Secrets exhibition is available to all ages, but we specifically recommend 8 - 16 year olds.

Hi guys 7 August, 2014 17:32
Hi I just went to science works today it was the best experience evs thanks science works

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