Past Event: 14 February 2013 to 25 August 2013

Hands on a plasma ball
Image: Rob Blackburn, Paoli Smith

It's electrifying!

How do we make electricity?
How does an electric guitar work?
Do animals use electricity?

With 40 interactive exhibits and information modules, explore the role of electricity in our everyday lives and discover the importance of safety when dealing with electricity.

Find out how electricity is everywhere and how it entertains us and takes us places. Renewable and sustainable energy alternatives are featured as well as the generation and transmission of electricity.

Things to see and do inside the exhibition

  • Generate electricity and discover electric circuits, motors and electromagnets
  • Send a message using Morse Code
  • Touch the spark with a Plasma Ball
  • Become a human battery
  • Create your own science fiction soundtrack and explore electric guitars and speakers
  • Find out how solar electricity works

This exhibition is perfect for children aged 8 years and older.

Optional Extra
Have an truly electrifying experience at Scienceworks and see a Lightning Room show. Additional charges apply.

Megawatt Learning Resources for Educators and Students
Planning a school excursion or want to know how to prepare your class for visiting the Megawatt exhibition? Refer to the Megawatt Education Kit for tips, ideas, learning resources and more - coming soon.

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Eloise 31 May, 2013 19:30
hi wanting to know age groups
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