Muck Bunker Stormwater Experience

Past Event: 21 July 2004 to 22 March 2013

Children play with Muck Bunker
Muck Bunker Stormwater Experience
Source: Museum Victoria
Photographer: Rob Blackburn, Paoli Smith

Help prevent Max Muck polluting our waterways.

Stop Max Muck from taking over the world as he uses cigarette butts, dog poo, paint and all kinds of rubbish to pollute our waterways.

Learn about stormwater pollution in the The Muck Bunker Stormwater Experience through fun and interactive exhibits.

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Super star 15 June, 2012 19:31
Why is there a pumping station in science works
Discovery Centre 16 June, 2012 10:29

Hi Super star, it's probably more accurate to ask why there's a Scienceworks at the Pumping Station as the latter has been there for over a hundred years (since 1893). You can read more about the Pumping Station on our Collections Online website. It became part of the Museum of Victoria in the late 1980s and was chosen as the site of Scienceworks, a museum that would integrate 'social history, technological history and contemporary relevance' (Rasmussen, Museum for the people, p354) when opened in March 1992.

kaity 12 September, 2012 20:32
does max actually eat dog poo in the film? I saw him when I was little and all I remember is the image of him puting dog poo into his mouth..
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