Playing with Light

Past Event: 28 April 2012 to 3 February 2013

Boys looking at their shadows
Playing with light.
Christian Sprogoe Photography

Experience illuminating light, lasers and lenses in this exhibition for the whole family to enjoy.

Through 22 exhibits, Playing with Light gives you the chance to explore and learn about the fundamental ways that light helps us in our everyday lives.

Make yourself shorter, taller, thinner or wider with our flexible mirrors, mix together coloured lights, freeze and interact with your shadows, find out how you can 'shake your own hand', make light bounce down a stream of water, paint with light using special virtual paint brushes, plus challenge your friends in our maze of lasers!

Experience light like never before in this interactive exhibition perfect for the whole family.

Playing with Light is a temporary exhibition, designed and developed by Scitech, Perth.

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Tim 11 June, 2012 20:11
Is Playing with Light open half and hour after opening times? It says at the top it's from 10am-5pm.
Rafaela 9 August, 2012 19:12
i love the exhibit i just wish it would stay longer than Feb 2013
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Layla 14 June, 2014 18:26
The light exhibition is amazing there are so many different activities you can enjoy. It's also a fun way of learning science. Love the exhibition.