The Centenary of the Model T Ford

Past Event: 3 October 2008 to 31 October 2008

Ford Quadricycle
The Ford Quadricycle being prepared for public display.
Source: Museum Victoria
B Healley

Celebrate the centenary of the First Model T Ford during October.

October 2008 marks the centenary of the introduction of the Model T Ford – the first low-cost, mass produced car.

The Model T was not the first design produced at the Ford Motor Company’s factory in Detroit, USA, but it quickly became the world’s most popular automobile. When production ceased in 1927, more than 15 million Model T cars, trucks and vans had been built.

Museum Victoria holds a replica of Henry Ford’s very first car, the Quadricycle, built in 1896. In storage since it was donated in 1970, the replica has recently undergone a complete mechanical overhaul, restoring it to its former fully operational glory. It will be on display for the month of October at Scienceworks to celebrate the Model T Ford’s centenary.

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Maureen 7 September, 2011 17:57
I worked for the Company that build the quadricycle Vivian Expositions and when the quaddie was taken out of the museum to be made ready to go to Singapore in the 1970s I was the person who searched Melbourne Bike shops for the tyres to fit the Quaddie much to my delight I found them. I have very happy memories of this vehicle as my son loved vintage cars and he has since died.
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Marius Venz 27 January, 2015 18:44
Is it possible to view this interesting exhibit? It really seems a great pity to have such a significant item in a collection and not display it.
Discovery Centre 28 January, 2015 11:53
Hi Marius - as shown above, the Quadricycle was displayed in a past exhibition and is presently in a collection store. Scienceworks offer tours of their Collection Areas, if you'd like to go on a collection tour and find out if the Quadricycle might be visible, feel free to contact us vias the Ask the Experts page and we'll see if it might be possible.