Toys: Science at Play

Past Event: 19 December 2009 to 18 July 2010

Toys: Science at Play
Toys: Science at Play.

Why does a spinning top stay upright? What makes the patterns in a kaleidoscope?

Why do magnets attract? How do dolls talk? How do building blocks stay up and fall down?

Many of the toys we love work because of physics. You can find out how they work, and the answers to many more questions, in this fun and interactive exhibition.

This popular exhibition returns to Scienceworks and includes robots, dolls, hula hoops, building blocks, toy timelines and kaleidoscopes. This exhibition provides plenty of opportunities for all ages with enquiring minds to tinker with toys.

Developed by Scienceworks and Scitech, Perth.

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Mandar Thosar 13 January, 2014 16:31
Hi We are looking to hire and set up these exhbitions for period of 6 months across different cities in india. Need to speak with some one please. regards mandar
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Paula Jensch 12 June, 2014 17:35
We, the Planners event management in Qatar are interested in having this exhibit for 3 months from Sept - Nov 2014. It would be appreciative for a immediate response as this is an URGENT enquiry. Regards,