Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention

Past Event: 19 May 2012 to 11 November 2012

Wallace and Gromit
(c) Aardman Animations Ltd 2011.

Wallace and Gromit have moved into Scienceworks!

From May 2012, explore 62 West Wallaby Street, a life-size version of Wallace and Gromit’s home and discover how simple ideas transform into life-changing inventions.

Join the Oscar® winning duo as they guide you through their home, a world of cracking interactive contraptions, hands-on activities, games and more!

See some of their more colourful inventions, including the Telly-scope II, the Blend-o-matic, the Thinking Cap and the Karaoke Disco Shower, as well as Wallace’s half half-baked ideas – from the Chocolate Teapot to the Ice Hot Water Bottle.

Marvel at the original Wallace and Gromit film sets including Top Bun Bakery (as seen in A Matter of Loaf and Death), the Living Room, the Dining Room, Wallace’s Vegetable Plot and the Garden & Greenhouse (as seen in The Curse of the Were-rabbit), just to name a few.

Take on the role of an apprentice inventor and create everything from household tools to logos and find out how to protect your own big ideas.

Unleash your inner inventor and journey through a world of amazing inventions with Wallace and Gromit at Scienceworks!

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An Aardman experience at Scienceworks, produced by SGA.
Principal sponsor: IP Australia
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Comments (48)

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Michalina Bramley 7 December, 2011 18:20
I can't wait for this exhibition!!
Ann-Maree 9 December, 2011 13:06
I love Aardman films and will be especially interested in seeing the sets. Cannot wait for May to come round.
wooloomooloo 9 December, 2011 14:05
better than King tutee
Tim 10 December, 2011 10:49
How come the "Explore-a-saurus" exhibition is running longer than the "Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention" exhibition?
daviv jaspers 11 December, 2011 10:42
Looking forward to this exhibition as my kids & I love Wallace & Gromit.
Discovery Centre 12 December, 2011 10:30

Hi Tim - the Wallace & Gromit exhibition is an internationally touring exhibition, which has a touring schedule. The duration of the exhibition at Scienceworks is based on its availability to us; it is dependant on the other venues that have booked it at their Museums. Presently it is at Newcastle-on-Tyne in the UK, after which it comes to Scienceworks, and then on to it's next tour destination.

Hope this helps

Marianna Thomson 12 December, 2011 20:48
Is this only going to be in Victoria?
Discovery Centre 13 December, 2011 12:51
Hi Marianna - Scienceworks will be the first stop for Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention exhibition tour of Australia, as well as being the first venue ever outside the UK for this lovable and inventive duo.  Next stop after Scienceworks is the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney from December 2012.
Hill family 1 January, 2012 11:01
"Cheese Gromit, Cheese!"....can't wait for this to come.
Michael Currie 9 January, 2012 20:51
I took my children to see this or a very similar exhibition in London in 2009 at the science museum. It was fantastic and we loved it so much that we went twice. I must say that one of the best and most refreshing parts of the exhibition in London was that there were no restrictions placed on photography. I hope that science works will follow suit.
Annett major 25 March, 2012 16:58
me and my boyfriend are going there but we do not know what to do there?
Discovery Centre 26 March, 2012 09:31

Hi Annette, There are so many things to do at Scienceworks! If you visit the Scienceworks What's On webpage, you will find all the details of the exhibitions, Lightening Shows, Planetarium Shows, Collection Store Tours, Pumping Station Tours, Live Science Demonstrations and lots more.

Tim 30 March, 2012 19:22
Looks like a cool exhibit!
Catherine@Lara 1 May, 2012 14:57
We are soooooooooooo excited Gromit.. can't wait for the exhibition!!
Andrea Wittison 4 May, 2012 16:37
So excited! :)
Amelia 16 May, 2012 17:34
I am SO looking forward to this! I love Wallace and Gromit <3
Karen 26 May, 2012 15:08
Great stuff, I hail from Lancashire, UK and am very familiar with Nick Parks creations. Top Banana...I have tickets for the 26th and looking forward to a few glasses of wine and a cracking mess about with Wallaces contraptions!
Marach 29 May, 2012 14:52
I can't wait
courtney 29 May, 2012 14:57
hi everyone is the wallce and gromit exabishion
MollMoll 29 May, 2012 14:59
i love since works
Anneke twigg 8 June, 2012 14:09
We have booked to come down to Victoria in August to see these two legends - we are great fans of this incorrigible duo!
Kellie 8 June, 2012 20:48
What is the recommended length of time to spend at the Wallace and Gromit exhibition?
Lauren 15 June, 2012 15:37
Hello - I ready somewhere that you had a night session for wallace and gromit!!! Has that happpened? are you doing another one?
Discovery Centre 15 June, 2012 16:18
Hi Lauren,
We held a Big Kids Cracking Night Out in May where we opened the whole museum up after dark for an Adults Only event (all above board).  This was a huge success so we are meeting in the next week to consider if we will be able to mount another Big Kids Night Out while W&G is still here.  Watch this space!
Han 20 June, 2012 00:28
Hi, Was wondering if it was possible to buy tickets to the Wallace and Gromit Exhibit at the door or are tickets only sold online?
MV Customer Services 20 June, 2012 16:53

Hi Han,

Tickets for the exhibition are available at the door, but (and this is particularly true over the school holidays) it can get quite busy. We recommend pre-purchasing your tickets either online or over the phone prior to the day you intend to visit.

ScottB 8 July, 2012 11:08
Disappointed with Wallace and Grommit. Displays were very light on, and laced authenticity -were they the actual sets? The link to patents and inventions is tenuous. Not your best effort.
DavidQ 14 July, 2012 11:14
Cracking Cheese Grommit!! Oh heck!! What will we do Grommit?
DavidQ 14 July, 2012 11:19
Are we able to take a camera in and take some photos so I can send them to my brother in Brisbane? Is the show going to Brisbane?
MVBookings 16 July, 2012 16:17

Hi DavidQ,

By all means please bring your camera into the exhibition: photography is allowed.

The next stop on Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention tour is Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.

Thank you.


Michael H 20 July, 2012 05:24
I'm afraid, we were disappointed with the Wallace and Gromit exhibition. We thought it would be more about the production of the Wallace and Gromit movies, the techniques used, the storyboards behind it.....it was more about how to be inventive and protecting you intellectual property. Sorry not worth the $19.
J 20 July, 2012 15:05
what children's age range is this suited to?
MVBookings 24 July, 2012 14:28

Hi J,

Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention is suitable for most age ranges, from about five to eighteen years.


Angela 21 July, 2012 16:37
Just wondering how long does it take to go through the exhibition,as we want to go to the Planetarium afterwards as well.The Planetarium only had a time of 2:00pm to enter.Why is that?
MVBookings 24 July, 2012 14:34

Hi Angela,

The exhibition is estimated to take about an hour to walk through, however visitors have been known to spend shorter and longer amounts of time in Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention.

On weekdays, the only public session of the Planetarium is 2pm; the other timeslots are booked for school groups.

Thank you.

Allison 5 August, 2012 12:34
Is the Wallace and Gromit available every day including sunday to see?
MVBookings 8 August, 2012 16:12

Hi Allison,

Yes, Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention is open daily until the 11th of November, 10:00am to 4:30pm.

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Moshe Reuveni 28 August, 2012 14:38
Having visited the Wallace and Gromit exhibition this weekend, I have to express my utter disappointment with what I have seen. The whole Wallace and Gromit affair has been twisted into a propaganda campaign aimed squarely at little children, a campaign in support of the copyright industry and its subsidiaries. There are more posters advocating in favour of copyright and against piracy than there is of Wallace and Gromit. The greatest abomination is a video displayed on a large TV panel and featuring kids discussing how bad it is to copy. Silly me, as a parent seeing how his child is growing I thought that all kids do is copy – how else would they learn to speak, or better yet take active part in society? This one sided and totally biased presentation totally defies the culture of investigation and scrutiny that a science museum should stand for. Further, twisting the exhibition into a propaganda campaign aimed at easily biased children is unforgivable. Scienceworks seems to be taking a leaf out of the pages of the notorious Creation Museum.
Misled 19 September, 2012 13:06
Completely agree with these comments. I was disappointed. It felt like the science museum didn't have enough material for the Wallace and Gromit exhibition so they added a (government funded?) topic to stretch it out and therefore justify the charge to view. If the exhibition is predominantly about copyright then include that in the advertising and make it free!
DavidL 28 September, 2012 12:12
I agree totally and I wasn't impressed with ScienceWorks stating that W&G was an optionally extra when I didn't want to go into ScienceWorks but just see the W&G exhibition-now having seen it what a complete waste of time!
Discovery Centre 4 September, 2012 16:20

Hi Moshe,

Thanks for sharing your concerns. Scienceworks is a fun and hands-on environment for children to investigate the world around them, and the Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention exhibition encourages this by exploring ideas around innovation and invention. It is in this context that it includes material about current intellectual property and copyright laws in Australia.

Belinda 24 September, 2012 09:08
What is the price for MV members to see Wallace and Gromit for 2 adults and 2 children 6 and 4? I want to see this before it finishes. Hopefully the above comments are not correct about it being disappointing I am keen to see it.
MV Customer Services 26 September, 2012 14:46
The price for Adult Members is $7.50 each, the price for Child Members is $4.50 each.
David 27 September, 2012 17:12
Both my wife and I were looking forward to the exhibition. However when we arrived the advertised price of $9 spun out to $19 because they included the cost of entering ScienceWorks which we didn't want to do, as we are frequent visitors, and subsequently didn't! If you advertise the cost of an exhibition you should ask if patrons also want to g and see the rest of the venue not just assume. The exhibition itself was geared to kids and didnt have much about the making of Wallace and Gromit at all. A very disappointing day in all.
zoe 12 October, 2012 17:17
Cant wait to go to the exhibiton it looks great !
Emy 20 October, 2012 20:00
I saw Wallace and Gromit at Scienceworks on the first weekend, I waited in the cold with four very enthusiastic fans and two children. I have since been twice more with other friends and their children in equally chaotic trips. But in the end we adults enjoyed it every single time and being involved with the children and hearing them laugh themselves silly is gorgeous. I look forward to one more visit before it moves on. In the short version: THANK YOU for having this exhibition as it is grand to be a child at all ages.
Charlie 20 November, 2012 16:17
This "exhibition" was a serious disappointment. If I had known it was being used as a vehicle for propaganda, I would never have taken my young child. Where was the discussion of the Creative Commons? Where was the discussion of how we can build on each others ideas and come up with new ideas? And why oh why was there a whole section devoted to brand recognition? When I work so hard for my child to NOT be the victim of advertising, I did not expect a museum to be exposing him in this way to unhealthy food brands.
Discovery Centre 21 November, 2012 17:00

Thanks for your feedback on the exhibition. I am sorry to hear you did not enjoy your recent experience at Scienceworks.

At Scienceworks our aim is to encourage our young visitors to investigate the world around them, and in Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention we explore ideas around invention and innovation.

The references to intellectual property laws in the exhibition reflect current Australian law. The intention is not to convey views or judgements but rather to present information about how intellectual property rights relate to inventions in a way that is accessible for younger audiences.


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