West Gate Bridge Display

Past Event: 22 July 2011 to 25 August 2013

West Gate Bridge
West Gate Bridge.
Source: West Gate Bridge Strengthening Alliance

Marvel at the engineering feat of the iconic West Gate Bridge.

Imagine yourself walking through the West Gate Bridge.

Try on some of the equipment that construction workers on the bridge must wear, take a look at the bolts used, and get a glimpse of the tunnels inside this iconic Melbourne structure.

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stuart grierson 25 November, 2010 16:10
exhibitions look good - I'm a cub leader planning a trip
Sarah 14 March, 2011 15:32
This is a very insightfull exhibition. Enjoyed it a lot.
Po-Suan 31 March, 2011 16:45
Is the West Gate Bridge Exhibit in the Nitty Gritty Super City?
Discovery Centre 8 April, 2011 11:07

Hi Po-Suan, the West Gate Bridge Exhibit is located on the ground floor in the turret of the main east gallery, if you cannot find it, ask one of the Customer Services Officers to point you in the right direction.

Bruce S 4 May, 2011 10:25
please state LOCATION of exhibitions in headings of blurbs! Friends went to Flinder St Museum looking 4 West Gate Bridge exhibit only to be told was not there. Yr response to Hi PoSuan did NOT answer the question, which is 'where is it?'! Is it Flinders St, Carlton or Spotswood????? People need to know!
Discovery Centre 4 May, 2011 16:09

Thanks for the feedback, Bruce - as all these questions are posted on the Scienceworks web page (see the banner at the top), we've assumed that the enquirers are aware that the discussions relate to exhibitions at Scienceworks rather than the other Museum Victoria venues. We will take you comment on board when we respond to future online queries. Hope this helps, and thanks again.

hailey 30 June, 2011 17:51
woah u guyz r gr8! i went here one 4 an school exursion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shane 22 March, 2012 22:39
LOL Bruce S, there's only ONE Scienceworks!
Hannah - St. Michaels 2 May, 2012 18:50
i like the lightning room. i like the bridge made out of soft foam blocks, it is hard to cross the bridge.
G Roberts 10 June, 2012 09:49
Lighten up Bruce S. I am sure people are able to ask a simple question and if, like you can not understand the answer then they can ask for an further explaination! Po- Sauns question was answered as it was asked. You may need otheres to think for you but I am sure every one can here can think for themselves and use a little common sence.
Po-Suan 11 June, 2012 20:13
Thanks G Roberts.
henrikoez 13 June, 2012 16:32
I thought it took place in the real West Gate Bridge :(
John Smith 8 October, 2012 15:04
I like the Westgate Bridge
kerri 6 March, 2013 13:04
when does the West Gate Bridge exhibit finish?
MVBookings 7 March, 2013 16:36

Hi Kerri,

The West Gate Bridge exhibit is an ongoing exhibit, so will be with us for quite some time.

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