Sky Raising Magpies

Past Event: 11 February 2010 to 25 October 2015

Sky Raising Magpies Bute Ute
Sky Raising Magpies Bute Ute
Source: Catherine Larkins
Photographer: Catherine Larkins

Check out this beaut ute and learn the Indigenous creation story of The Sky-Raising Magpies.

Using the magpie as a symbol of territorial boundaries, family strength and community relationships, people in a country community created this work of art with a Holden FC Ute as their collective 'canvas.'

Created by a collaborative team of Gunai/Kurnai Aboriginal artists from East Gippsland, led by Lake Tyers artist and teacher Catherine Larkins, this ute/artwork is a vehicle for telling the tale of how magpies created the dawn – complete with large-scale wings and tail, and nest basket in the tray. It was originally exhibited at the 2002 Melbourne Festival as part of the Bute Utes project.

Mixing painting and engraving with metalwork and basketry, this artwork is a celebration of cross-cultural collaboration and storytelling.

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